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Mums, is your mat leave due to end soon?

Heading back to work can feel very daunting. 


The list of emotions and tasks can feel truly overwhelming, but rest assured you are not alone. 

I have a new programme coming soon that has been carefully crafted to support you, every step of the way. 


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working Mum having with child

I am a wellbeing coach that helps exhausted and overstretched working Mums truly enjoy life.

You have so much to be grateful for - healthy kids, good friends, reliable job - but instead of enjoying what you have, you feel run-down, stressed, and overwhelmed from trying to keep up with it all.



Do you find yourself...

constantly running through your endless to-do list, strategising about how to multitask and fit it all in?


Starting to second-guess your decisions, wondering whether you're ever doing "enough," delivering "enough," or simply being "enough?"


And even when you're at the top of your game, does doubt creep in and cause you to question whether you can keep up this charade/pace?

Somedays, it feels like you'll never catch up..

If you could just pull yourself together, you could stop being so distracted and disorganised. If you could just be more patient, you could relax and enjoy each moment more.

I can assure you that it's so much more than a moment here or there.


There are so many of us mums struggling the same way.

Now when I look around, I see other mums sleeping less to squeeze more in, relying on caffeine to keep them going in the day and alcohol to switch off at night, spending money on pamper sessions and gym memberships they never get round to using, and attempting crazy diets that leave them more exhausted than ever. They hope for a fix-all silver bullet, yet the quick fixes never work.

How do I know?

Because I did all those things to just "fix" myself.

I thought I was failing if I asked for help. I thought everyone else had some magic solution that I missed out on.


It turns out, I was wrong.

Kate Flowerdew wellbeing coach

I see women taking care of everyone else first. They're filled with guilt if they even consider putting their own needs into the equation. They keep striving for the perfection they were taught would get them ahead, and constantly hold on to accountability without realising it's more than okay to delegate or let go.


You keep waiting.

Waiting for the deadlines to ease.

Waiting for a shorter to-do list.

Waiting to finally stop and prioritise themselves.

stressed out career mum



  • How many days are you willing to feel this overloaded and exhausted?

  • How many more times are you willing to put everyone else’s needs before you own?

  • How many excuses will you make before you burn out?




How would it feel to have the confidence that you've truly got this?

How would it feel to deepen the connection you have with yourself, not only ‘finding’ yourself, but actively sculpting yourself into the confident, charming and alive woman you've always aspired to be?

How would it feel to have someone to talk to who not only listens but also helps you move forward in life powerfully?


Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

How would it feel to wake up refreshed after a really decent sleep, with energy and focus for your day?

How would it feel to know you're eating food that nourishes you - mind, body and soul?



But how long are you willing to wait?



Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

stress and wellness image I sat in the hospital waiting room I caught a glimpse of myself in the window and barely recognised the woman looking back at me - pale, dark eyed, exhausted. Where was the strong, joyful mum I had once imagined I would be?

Night after night, I had barely slept. My mind was on repeat, shuffling the same horrid thoughts through on autopilot. Even when my little one was asleep I couldn’t switch off my racing mind. These days, since being back at work, my nervous system was constantly on high alert, almost anticipating the next call to action and my whole body was crying out in desperation.

I was desperate to get sleep. Desperate to restore my aching body. Desperate for the pressure, guilt, exhaustion and haze to disappear. Desperate for some miracle to take away all the overwhelm and give me time – time for me, time for quiet, time to rest.

KateFlowerdew-wellbeing coach



Hi. I'm Kate. 

Let me tell you about a time when I reached complete burnout…

Wellbeing coach  for career Mums - KateFlowerdew

This was far from the first time I needed to see the doctor over the past six or so months. My back had given out multiple times and I’d had endless infections that I couldn't shift - and now an eye infection that made me look like I’d lost a fight in the ring.

Of course this all had a knock on effect to my business because if I wasn’t well I couldn’t work, and that was immensely stressful. This was the day I realised that something had to change - I was so lucky not to be in hospital for something far more serious and I wasn't going to risk being there one more time.

Something had to change...

I finally recognised that we really can't do it all, and the sooner I could understand how to let go of all the self-imposed rules and standards, the sooner I could reinvent the way I approached life, find balance and create true happiness.

I was the only one responsible for my burnout 

It took me two years before I realised a harsh truth:

Once I finally accepted that and stopped resisting, everything changed….

  • I started to ask for help so I could create time to unwind and get quality sleep

  • As the pressure lifted and guilt eased, I felt more energised and my confidence returned. I started seeing solutions to all the challenges at last.

  • I no longer felt like I was on the edge, and I was finally able to find pleasure and meaning again.

These days I'm living my dream of being an active mum to my chatty five year old,

feeling immense satisfaction in my career, whilst creating time for all the other aspects of life that I love and appreciate.


I have found the blend and balance of all that’s important to me and I never have to worry about getting so run down or overwhelmed that I risk burning out physically or mentally.


And that's why I'm so passionate about helping other working mums ditch the stress, overwhelm and burnout and so they can experience balance and happiness too.

KateFlowerdew wellbeing - coach for career mums

Coaching with Kate is always so valuable.

She has really helped to manage my time and ensure I’ve allowed time in my diary just for me. I’m now much better at planning ahead which makes me feel more on top of things. I would definitely recommend Kate’s coaching programs to any busy career mum who wants to find balance and reduce stress.


What’s Included?

  • Wellness workshops run virtually every month

  • Group coaching sessions

  • Q&As with wellbeing experts

  • Weekly coaching worksheets, tips and reminders

  • Seasonal wellbeing challenges

  • A community of career mums

  • A library of holistic health and wellbeing content / activities

  • Unlimited coaching 121s for premium members

  • Access to quarterly health programs for premium members

That's what

The Self-Care Accelerator For Busy Mums  

is all about.

What You Can Expect:

  • Practical tips to help you find balance

  • Weekly reminders and nudges to put your self-care first

  • Easy to implement strategies that help you reduce stress and ditch overwhelm

  • Support from a team of highly experienced wellbeing coaches

  • To feel part of community of mums who totally get it

  • The chance to press pause, breathe and reconnect with joy

  • An abundance of guidance and inspiration from experts who truly care

Kate is the best coach and mentor!

She has the unique ability to break down complex problems into bite size solutions. Her guidance has been invaluable and I love our walk and talks.

Nicole Thomas

Since becoming a mum Kate’s coaching has given me so much support and inspiration.

She’s always there to remind me to invest in me and her tools for reducing stress and overwhelm and getting more organised so I have time for me are so valuable.

Katie Musham

So, now you have to ask yourself… are you ready to live a balanced, harmonic life? Are you ready to feel energised, focused and confident?

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