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& Wellbeing Specialist

Empowering and equipping women and career mums to transform the way they live and work by ditching stress and overwhelm. 

Kate Flowerdew - wellbeing specialist
"Like any career mum, I’ve had my fair share of challenges, personally and professionally. Since having my son in 2017 I’ve had to reinvent the way I approach work and life to fit everything in without burning out. Even as a wellbeing coach I have to remind myself to factor in self-care, slow down, and learn how to ask for help sometimes" 

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I know first-hand that juggling the responsibilities of parenthood with a busy work schedule doesn’t always leave much time or energy for you and your self-care. Whilst you might already realise busyness can lead to burnout (because running on adrenaline all week long is neither healthy nor sustainable), it doesn’t make it any easier to press pause.


I can’t make the deadlines and to-do lists magically disappear. But I can help you develop a new mindset, build new tools and strategies and ultimately feel equipped to find balance, calm and success (whatever that means to you) no matter what life, parenting or work throws at you.


I’m on a mission to support career mums who are passionate about both their career role and Mum role. You don’t have to justify to anyone that you want and deserve both. But you’re likely to need some support and lot of self-care along the way if you want to thrive rather than simply survive. I  believe we all deserve to thrive because when we thrive, so do our families, our careers and the organisations we work for. 

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