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My name is Kate Flowerdew and I’m a health and wellbeing coach specialising in blood sugar balance.


I help my clients make nutritional, mindset and lifestyle shifts to achieve their health and wellbeing goals and maintain them, to improve quality of life and boost longevity.

Are you or your family members experiencing any of these problems?
- Fluctuating weight / weight gain?
- Cravings for sugar and caffeine?
- Energy dips?
- Mood swings?
- Brain fog / inability to concentrate?
- Pre-diabetes/ Type 2 diabetes?
- Hormone imbalances?
- Insomnia or sleep issues?


Then you are in the right place!



Each of these issues can have a major impact on the quality of your life – I know this first hand, having experienced them all. The good news is that managing your blood sugar levels can help you to significantly reduce, if not eradicate, these issues so that you can get back to living life and feeling at your best again.


Fast track a few years and life feels balanced again. I learnt (albeit the hard way) how to reinvent my week so I have the right boundaries and support in place to also fit in ample self-care. Over the years of coaching and facilitating, I have witnessed how much working mums struggle to recharge and find balance. I'm on a mission to ensure every working mum has access to the resources and support she needs in order to stay healthy and well whilst juggling work and family life. 


Whether you’re a working mum or a business with EDI and workplace wellbeing on your agenda, I’d love to work with you. 


Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

How would it feel to wake up refreshed after a really decent sleep, with energy and focus for your day?

How would it feel to know you're eating food that nourishes you - mind, body and soul?



Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

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