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I could put a really polished and professional bio together but sometimes it’s the more personal stuff that helps people to connect and understand each other better so here goes…  


Although I have always been fascinated with health and wellbeing, my first career was actually in Recruitment. It was fast paced and I loved connecting people, so I did well hitting and exceeding targets. It was when I was working in a start-up in Sydney at 27 years of age when my GP told me I had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I knew immediately I had to change pace.  



Fortunately, I had already studied nutritional therapy back in London (whilst working full time in recruitment) and I was curious about the link between performance and wellbeing. In exploring this, I discovered the power of coaching and positive psychology and you could say the rest is history! 


Making a career transition in Sydney was really tough going, especially when workplace wellbeing was not a big thing yet. So after completing my Masters in Business Coaching, (along with various courses including NLP), I felt a pull back to the UK (thankfully my partner and our two Staffs were up for the move too!). As sad as it was to leave our beautiful life in Sydney, the move paid off and I soon picked up a variety of Head of Talent / L&D roles where I could utilise all my knowledge and skills and create valuable impact.  

My story...

Welcome to my website, I’m delighted you stopped by.  

I'm Kate, a Wellbeing Coach with international experience and a busy working mum, with a passion for nutrition, the great outdoors and all things self-care and wellness.


Kate is the best coach and mentor!

She has the unique ability to break down complex problems into bite size solutions. Her guidance has been invaluable and I love our walk and talks.

Nicole Thomas

This new chapter also included starting a family. By the time I was pregnant, I was already running my own coaching and wellbeing practice and whilst the flexibility of being my own boss had its perks, it was not without its stresses. I put immense pressure on myself to build up my client list after our son, Wilf, was born and whilst I did take my time going back to work full time, I was by no means looking after myself properly in those early years. I was severely sleep deprived and I came very close to burnout. It might seem crazy that as a wellbeing coach I couldn’t press pause and sort my sh*t out! But if you’ve been to that place of pure exhaustion and overwhelm, you know the solutions can stare you in the face, you just have no idea how to grasp them.  




Coaching with Kate is always so valuable.

She has really helped to manage my time and ensure I’ve allowed time in my diary just for me. I’m now much better at planning ahead which makes me feel more on top of things. I would definitely recommend Kate’s coaching programs to any busy career mum who wants to find balance and reduce stress.



Fast track a few years and life feels balanced again. I learnt (albeit the hard way) how to reinvent my week so I have the right boundaries and support in place to also fit in ample self-care. Over the years of coaching and facilitating, I have witnessed how much working mums struggle to recharge and find balance. I'm on a mission to ensure every working mum has access to the resources and support she needs in order to stay healthy and well whilst juggling work and family life. 


Whether you’re a working mum or a business with EDI and workplace wellbeing on your agenda, I’d love to work with you. 


Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

How would it feel to wake up refreshed after a really decent sleep, with energy and focus for your day?

How would it feel to know you're eating food that nourishes you - mind, body and soul?



Why not create balance and joy in all parts of your life now?

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