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A woman's wellbeing should not be in jeopardy just because she chooses to have a family and a career!

We believe all women should be afforded the opportunity to live a balanced, harmonic life where they feel energised, focused, and confident.


We are a community of working mums who have come to the realisation that life doesn't need to be so overwhelming and that we really don't need to push ourselves to burnout just because we want to have a family and a career. 


We come together to remind one another to look after ourselves so we can flourish, rather than simply survive. 


We gain the tools and tactics that help us to roll with the punches, celebrate the wins and find a sense of identity, confidence and balance (which we’d lost somewhere in the midst of juggling the world of work and parenting!).

What we value and why… 





Inspiration – when we’re feeling stuck, we all need a bit of help getting motivated again – we’re here to lift your spirits and show you what’s possible.


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Holistic – self-care is not about one element, it’s about building a lifestyle, toolkit and habits that ensure you’re taken care of too.


Honesty – sometimes a bit of tough love is what we need to move us forward.


Fun – because life gets way too serious at times and there’s nothing like laughter and joy to help balance out and release some of life’s stresses.

Care – you’ve been busy looking after everyone else and now we’ll be here to support you.


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wellness coach - Kate Flowerdew- Surrey
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