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Why am I so passionate about helping my clients?
My big health wakeup call came when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 27.

Although I was very active and ate a balanced diet, I hadn’t realised the
level of stress I had normalised.


The cycle of work-hard-study-hard-play-hard I was in was
proving to be detrimental to my health and something had to change.

Thankfully, having already studied for a diploma in Nutrition, I was totally motivated and well equipped to reverse my diagnosis and reduce the risks of further complications to my long-term health.


I’m delighted to say it wasn’t long before I achieved normal HbA1c levels - this meant that my average blood sugar levels were back in the normal range and I officially no longer had Diabetes.

wellness coach - Kate Flowerdew- Surrey

It would be far too simple to say it just took a few dietary changes for me to maintain healthy HbA1c levels since then. Relationships with food can be complex, as can the reasons why chronic disease manifests in the first instance.


Over the years I have completed a Masters, which opened up my mind to the power of positive psychology. I have taken courses in NLP and tried out many wellbeing activities and complimentary therapies.

I have built an extensive self care toolkit to help me manage my stress levels and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. For me personally, the two go hand in hand and required a mind-set shift, as well as dietary and lifestyle adjustments to achieve long-term results.  Each stage of my life has come with new challenges – travel, career, studies, raising a family, and now the peri-menopause years…. I have had to adjust my self care routine at each and every stage and equip myself with new knowledge and tools which I do with an open mind and curiosity.


I feel very fortunate to have found out that my health was in jeopardy before it was too late. I am so grateful for the fascinating and wonderful journey I’ve been on, exploring holistic health and wellbeing, personally and professionally.


The thing that really scares me these days is that despite all the knowledge out there, diabesity is now one of the biggest health challenges our society faces. Scarier still, childhood cases of Type 2 Diabetes are increasing every year and the over -use of ultra-processed foods is startling.


This has to change and I’m on a mission to raise awareness so you too have access to the knowledge and tools you need to avoid chronic diseases like Diabetes.


Whether you or your family are experiencing the odd symptom of blood sugar

imbalance or already concerned about Type 2 Diabetes, I am here to help.



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