About Kate 

Hello and welcome, my name is Kate Flowerdew and I’m a coaching and wellbeing specialist.  I work with career Mums and people focused organisations from across all industries who need support in prioritising health and wellbeing. I help my clients to  flourish and thrive, achieve optimum happiness and wellbeing and become the best version of themselves.

Kate Flowerdew - Wellbeing

As a leader or HR professional, can you visualise a future where every employee consistently brings the best version of themselves to work? What would that mean for engagement and productivity levels? Happy, healthy and well employees are more likely to improve organisational outcomes and boost your bottom line results. Is this something you’d like to achieve?

My coaching and wellbeing services are designed to help my clients to flourish and thrive. When we achieve optimum health, physically, mentally and socially, we’re able to reach our full potential as individuals and organisations. When we live and lead with passion and purpose, with energy and innovation, we start to create sustainable solutions to all the big challenges that we, our organisations and our planet, face today. This is my vision. 

If you share my vision and would like help prioritising wellbeing, personally or within your organisation, let’s talk.