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Women choosing to have careers and families is hardly a new thing. So after decades of juggling the two, how have we not nailed it? Why are so many women still feeling stretched to the limit, overloaded and emotionally drained so much of the time?


We know things have to change - there has to be a better way! That’s why we’ve developed The Self-Care Accelerator for Busy Mums. This is the ultimate transformation and support programme for working mums who are ready to ditch stress and reinvent their work - life balance so they can truly nourish, flourish and thrive. 


We’re here to make Mum life feel manageable, and even enjoyable! Are you ready for a life upgrade?


We have three memberships to choose from.

Not sure which membership is the right one for you?

Book a complimentary discovery call to find out more...


NOURISH - £29 per month

Perfect for working mums who are keen to learn the basics of self-care. This is the right membership for you if:


  • You only need gentle nudges and reminders to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

  • You’re looking to expand your knowledge, ideas and inspiration on how to approach your self-care.

  • You’d like to be part of a community of mums who get the challenges and believe balance is possible.


FLOURISH - £49 per month

A great fit for working mums who are ready to make self-care a priority and tap into the power and energy of group activities to fast track momentum. This membership is the perfect fit for you if:


  • You enjoy learning and contributing in interactive workshops and group sessions.

  • You want extra inspiration and motivation to help you stay focused on your wellbeing. 

  • You’re ready to take on wellbeing challenges with the support of a community.



THRIVE - £5,000 per year (quarterly payment plan available) 

This is the ultimate VIP package for career mums in executive roles or who are running their own business. This membership is ideal for you if:


  • You’re not only struggling to fit everything in, your health is beginning to suffer.

  • You’re ready to take your self-care and wellbeing to a new level and you know this takes time and investment on all levels. 

  • Your average exec coaching package isn’t quite hitting the spot - you need 1-2-1 coaching, plus bespoke health and wellbeing support.


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