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Women choosing to have careers and families is hardly a new thing. So after decades of juggling the two, how have we not nailed it? Why are so many women still feeling stretched to the limit, overloaded and emotionally drained so much of the time?


We're in a mission to support and equip mums as they head back to work after maternity leave as this is the most effective way to ensure working mums are set up for success.


As a mum, imagine avoiding all the pitfalls that lead to stress and burnout. Instead feeling equipped for the challenges of working mum life and supported each step of the way.


As a business / HR leader, imagine retaining and developing all the amazing, talented women that you run the risk of losing if they become overstretched mums.

Back to Work with Momentum

Our six-month coaching programme for mums heading back to work after maternity leave 

Many mums feel mixed emotions about the return to work. On one hand you might be feeling excited about getting back to your work and colleagues, being able to focus on something that’s different to nappies and baby food. On the other, you maybe dreading leaving your little one at nursery and overwhelmed at the thought of being relied on professionally when you’re so exhausted and can barely string a sentence together. 

If you’re recently back at work, you might be already be in the thick of it juggling work and home life with little time left for you and your self-care. Maybe the stress is already building, second guessing yourself and wondering how long you can keep all the plates spinning without dropping something important.  


All of these thoughts and emotions are so normal, but we truly believe there has to be a better way! We want you to enjoy this new chapter which means feeling equipped, supported and confident, finding balance and joy with both home and work life along the way.  

That’s why we’ve carefully crafted MOMENTUM, a six-month programme specifically supporting new mums on the transition back to work. Whether you’re just starting to prepare to head back to your workplace or you’re already back and navigating the juggle of working and parenting, this programme is exactly what you need to: 

  • Ditch the imposter syndrome by tapping into your super powers so you’re fully equipped and confident about the journey ahead. 

  • Re-invent your working week, cutting out the noise and setting bad-ass boundaries that even Mary Poppins would be envious of.  

  • Integrate self-care into your daily routine so you create a level of Zen for yourself that feels like stepping into a Balinese spa (OK that might be a stretch some days but at the very least helping you press pause every day to come up for air!). 

  • Build your village – because parenting can be incredibly lonely unless you learn how to ask for help and let people in. 

  • Set yourself up with a personalised plan and toolkit that allows you to feel at your best on the good days and feel like you’ve got everything you need for battle on the tough ones. 


Ready to hear more? 

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