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Personal Wellbeing 

121 Coaching Programs

I coach individuals from all walks of life – the common theme is you’re likely to be experiencing challenges that are preventing you from feeling at your best. You know the stress and overwhelm isn’t sustainable, you’re fed up with only just surviving the week and you believe there has to be a better way to live. You’re ready to take action and invest in yourself, to break through the barriers and create sustainable, holistic happiness and wellbeing every day of the week. I frequently work with…. 


Career Parents Who Want to Thrive

As a parent to a very active and cheeky little guy I fully understand the challenges of juggling work and parenting. Sometimes finding time for yourself can seem impossible and there maybe weeks that go by when you never quite get to complete anything to your 100% satisfaction. I’m really passionate about supporting parents who are struggling to fit everything in and need a helping hand prioritising their personal wellbeing to ensure they stay fit and well.


Professionals Seeking Career Happiness & Wellbeing 

When we enjoy our work and it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning it undoubtedly contributes to our overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. Yet for so many people some part of their work situation has the opposite effect and creates a huge amount of pressure and starts to compromise their health. I coach my clients to understand what their career means to them and build a step by step plan that enables them to make the changes they need to achieve career happiness and wellbeing.


Busy People Looking to Create Work – Life Balance 

Unfortunately the reality is I often work with clients when they’re feeling burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed. I wish I could’ve worked with more of them before things got so tough. The good news is that I work with my clients so they regain a sense of balance. Together we work on implementing tools and strategies to help them optimise their recharge time, work more efficiently, learn to switch off and reduce levels of stress and anxiety and build resilience.  

Coaching programs are either six or nine sessions with the option to extend and typically run via video call. 

Online Challenges, Resources & Memberships 


If you like the concept of coaching but prefer the flexibility to work through online content at your own pace, my online challenges, resources and memberships are the perfect solution for you.

  • Free site membership with many complimentary resources available including the Five Step Passion and Purpose Challenge

  • 21 Day Passion and Purpose Challenge

  • KF Wellbeing Hub – this membership program provides you with full access to all the online tools and resources you need to achieve optimum health, happiness and wellbeing (coming soon)

My Clients

Kate truly amazes me with how she understands problems, sees solutions so clearly, and then just by asking a few key questions, leads me to feel capable of making changes.

Ruth Hawkins – Sydney, Australia

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