Career Mums Who Thrive

As a Career Mum who also happens to be a Wellbeing Coach, I’d love to say I’ve discovered a magic “Super Woman” formula that means I look and feel amazing, energetic and organised every day of the week. But if I did, I would be lying, because in reality, I’m just like everyone else, I have my good days, frazzled days and somewhere-in-between days. Whilst I don’t claim to have a miracle cure for Career-Mum-Overwhelm, I whole-heartedly believe with the right tools, strategies and support in place, we can all feel equipped to deal with whatever work and life throws at us. We might not always feel a million bucks but we can feel resilient and capable, and we can find balance, and happiness even in the craziest, manic weeks!

The sad reality is that there are too many scenarios when Career Mums don’t feel equipped or supported. Maybe you’re sleep deprived? Overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list? Or simply feeling stress, anxiety and guilt and you’ve not even had the chance to figure out where they’ve come from? It doesn’t matter how many kids you’ve got, or what sector you work in, you’re not immune to being an overloaded Career Mum who has lost the ability to thrive.

All too often, Career Mums have been conditioned to think they need to take everything on, always maintain the highest of standards and perhaps most alarmingly, put self-care at the bottom of the priority list! I know this because I’m speaking from experience – that was me, and if I’m brutally honest, I still revert back to these behaviours sometimes. We can put immense amount of pressure on ourselves and have completely unrealistic expectations, which is just totally bonkers!! It’s not sustainable and it’s not healthy – eventually everyone suffers because when you fall in a heap of exhaustion, no one wins.

We probably all realise how bonkers it is but actually pressing pause and taking a step back from the chaos is, of course, a lot easier said than done. Which is why I’m on the mission to help Career Mums who are passionate about and committed to their careers and their families figure out how to extract themselves from busyness and at long last, put The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit in place. So they become Career Mums Who Thrive.

If you’re fed up with the guilt, stress and overwhelm taking up too much of your precious time and energy and you’re ready to transform the way you approach your life as a Career Mum, please sign up to my Career Mums Who Thrive network. It’s completely free and I’ll simply send a few gentle reminders here and there, with easy, practical tips and tricks to ensure you put your wellbeing first.

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