Creating the Perfect Mix of Festive Fun & Wellbeing with The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit.

OK let's be honest, who has a tendency to say yes to everything in December (and maybe even November too), and before you know it, you're completely run down? Maybe you fall into the trap of trying to burn the candle at both ends to hit end of year deadlines at work and ordering last minute presents whilst suffering from late nights and too many over-indulges. By the time the holidays actually arrive, you're exhausted and maybe even feeling sorry for yourself with the sniffles.

It's probably fair to say we've all had at least one of those Christmases that was completely ruined because we over did it in the build up, at a time of the year when we're already running on empty and we ought to be investing more in our self-care not less. I've definitely been there too many times, so these days I take a completely different approach. I get to enjoy all the festive fun without burning out. And you can too. I'll be sharing a series of festive blogs and videos to provide some friendly reminders and resources to help you stay in optimum health - mentally, physically and socially - all through the silly season.

I know some of you are already feeling a tad frazzled and are eager to receive tools and tactics to help ensure you don't simply survive the run up to Christmas, but instead find the perfect balance of festive fun and wellbeing to flourish and thrive. But I can also imagine the expressions on some of your faces - you're thinking "Oh great, the fun police are out! Why can't I just let my hair down and worry about the consequences later?!"

Well, I'm not hear to tell you that you can't take that approach. I'm simply hear to highlight that there is a better way (and when you're stuck on your couch too exhausted to move, you might wish you'd paid attention!).

Implementing The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit for festive fun and wellbeing means that...

You absolutely can have lots of fun without burning out or getting run down and poorly.

You most definitely can enjoy the perfect mix of festive cheer without monster hangovers, piling on the pounds and regretting all the indulgences come January.

Yes, for sure, you can fit in ample socialising (and even be the host/est with the most-est), without your stress levels hitting the roof.

Like most things in life, having a plan is the best way to set yourself up for success. The problem is, at this time of year, not many people stop to identify what success looks like. It's easy to get swept along with all the party invites, long shopping lists and so much busyness, in and out of work. It's easy to forget how much that can all backfire (and probably has done in previous years).

So this year, why not take a different approach?

Why not try out The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit for Festive Wellbeing so that you can breeze through the silly season feeling at your best? Isn't it about time that you ditched the old ways of self-sabotage, busyness and overwhelm, and transformed the way you celebrate Christmas? This is the year to create the perfect balance of all things festive without burning out, without stress levels racing out of control, and without falling in a heap of exhaustion by the holidays.

In the next few blog posts I will be sharing The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit with a festive twist, including content from my online membership, to equip you with everything you need to create balance and optimum health, happiness and wellbeing throughout the silly season.

In the meantime, if you'd like to access even more of my coaching and wellbeing resources, sign up for a complimentary membership with stacks of free wellbeing challenges and content.

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