End of Year Reflections

The end of a year can be a reflective time for many and for me personally, it's this time of year between Christmas and New Year that I most enjoy journaling. I love to capture my reflections as I consider the year that's been and ask myself what success looks like in the year ahead. I'm often asked if there is a process or structure to follow when it comes to getting the most out of reflective time and what questions are best to focus on when journaling? One of the key reasons why I created The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit was to provide a really simple framework that holistically captures all aspects of life and wellbeing. So when I'm reflecting at the end of my year, I ask myself: What has worked well for me when it comes my Rest, Recharge, Replenish, Relationships, Resilience & Renovations? What has been less valuable, or simply not worked for me when it comes to the six R's? What does success (purpose, meaning and fulfilment) look like for the six R's in my world in 2022? What new things do I need / want to implement or focus on for each of the six R's? In essence, I create a vision of success with a STOP, START, CONTINUE PLAN. I set intentions to stop (or release) what is no longer of value, to start all the new things that will align me to my vision, and to continue all the valuable things that are still working. This week I will share my blogs on Relationships, Resilience and Renovations to help you expand on you reflections and goal setting. Just like Rest, Recharge and Replenish, Relationships, Resilience and Renovations are crucial steps when it comes to setting yourself up for optimum health, happiness and wellbeing.

For those of you who have found life a real struggle in 2021, now is the time to ask yourself if you are ready for a whole new approach in 2022?

You absolutely can ditch the overwhelm, stress and burnout and instead create balance and satisfaction in every area of your life. But transforming your health, happiness and wellbeing won't just happen on its own - you have to own this journey. It takes time, focus and accountability to create change of any kind and that's why many people give up. But if you follow the six modules of The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit you already have the framework you need for success. There are lots of complimentary resources to support you - including a five or 21 day step by step challenge that can be a great way to kick start the New Year - available on my free WELLBEING EXPLORER membership.

If you feel ready to prioritise your self-care but experience tells you how easy it is for life to get in the way, meaning you don't always remember to take proper care of you, it could be you'll benefit from the support of group coaching and / or coaching 121s, access to online course content and webinars. Get in touch to schedule your complimentary call and discover which membership is best for you. #wellbeing #wellnessgoal #2022goalsetting #endofyearreflections #2021reflections #TheUltimateSelfCareToolKit #selfcare #stressmanagement #coaching #wellbeingcoach #freemembership #freewellbeing #burnoutprevention

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