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Do you have what you need to be your most resilient self?

The pandemic has certainly been testing levels of resilience for most of late and with more uncertainty to come in the months ahead we’re all going to need self-care strategies to keep us happy and well.

I've always felt fairly well equipped to deal with change, but I’ve realised there are some things in life you just want to be certain about. For me, it's having assurance that I'll get to see my parents in person soon as they live overseas. The frustration about not being able to plan much definitely niggles too, but it’s not seeing my folks that troubles me. 

You may have similar worries and concerns, you may have others. I think it's fair to say we all have something at the moment that adds an extra layer of stress and anxiety that can wear us down some days. Whilst we might not be able to make those stresses disappear, we can definitely build our self-care tool kit and give our levels of resilience a boost. 

This week I've been working with an amazing coach, Laura Dougherty, who works with senior women to kick imposter syndrome to the curb. We've released a short series of videos which you can catch on my LinkedIn Page or Facebook Group, to share our Resilience Framework. 

If you'd like to know more about how my 121 and group coaching and workplace wellbeing programs and workshops can help boost resilience and reduce stress levels please get in touch to book your complimentary discovery call now. I'm looking forward to helping you thrive. 

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