The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit for Festive Fun & Wellbeing: Recharge

You might be thinking 'tis the season to be jolly and make merry so what more do you need to recharge? But let's get real here - how recharging are late nights, too much booze and sugar overloads (not to mention cramming in all the shopping, deadlines and all the other urgent stuff that suddenly comes up in December)?

OK, I promised I wouldn't be the fun police. I'm not saying you can't have some of these indulgences in your festive schedule! But before the silly season runs away with you, before you start saying yes to literally every invite that comes your way (I know it's tempting when Christmas had so many restrictions last year), get yourself a game plan!

Just like in the REST blog, when it comes to RECHARGE you need to take a moment to press pause and work out a schedule that truly serves you and your wellbeing. For REST that means pacing yourself and factoring in plenty of breaks and sleep. For RECHARGE it means factoring in activities that boost wellbeing on three levels - social, physical and mental. Find the perfect balance of all three this festive period and you will feel like you've recharged fully and instead of falling in a heap of exhaustion. By the time January arrives, your batteries will be topped up and you'll be ready for the next chapter (which is definitely not always the case for all those who over do it in December and feel demotivated and completely drained when starting a New Year).

So ask yourself, through December what is it that you need in place to recharge your batteries socially? If you're an extrovert, you might be inclined to get out to as many parties as you can (just be mindful of the impact of late nights, heavy drinking etc as these will definitely impact the amount of recharging you're truly doing, physically and mentally).

When it comes to your physical health and wellbeing, what activities do you need make time for? How will you ensure there is ample time for them in your schedule and that you prioritise them? It's easy for your exercise routine to go out the window with all the busyness of December and whilst you might like to take a short break over the holiday, taking a whole month off might not serve you well. How can you keep moving throughout the month despite the festivities?

For your mental health, what's truly valuable to you, and how do you ensure you have adequate time factored in for these activities? You might find that exercise for example, is a great way to boost your mental, physical and social wellbeing which is ideal from a time efficiency perspective. But there may also be a lot of value in creating moments of calm to do some gratitude journaling, meditation, or goal setting, that specifically gives your mental wellbeing an extra boost. Remember what we covered in the REST blog? Your nervous system will be very grateful!

For the introverts amongst us, factoring in sufficient down time is especially important for optimum recharge and you may find that you prefer to socialise in smaller gatherings, or limit the amount of big social events as these can be particularly draining for you.

Fancy learning a bit more about RECHARGE? You can access Lesson One of the RECHARGE module within The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit here.


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