The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit for Festive Fun & Wellbeing: Relationships

Throughout December we've been diving into The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit. We've discussed the importance of Rest, Recharge and Replenish when building a solid foundation for optimum health, happiness and wellbeing. So next up, let's dive into RELATIONSHIPS, another crucial part of your tool kit.

When it comes to creating an overall sense of wellbeing, social connectivity is another key element. When we feel part of a community and have meaningful relationships in our life it not only boosts wellbeing, it can also extend longevity.

Throughout the pandemic many people have been separated from friends, family and colleagues and it’s quite possible this has caused some degree of stress and anxiety for you. As a society, we’ve had to reinvent how we socialise, collaborate and stay connected. Whilst you've proved just how adaptive, innovative and resilient you can be, you’ve probably also recognised what a huge role relationships play when it comes to your happiness.

When taking time to reflect and build your very own self-care tool kit you might like to ask yourself the following questions:

Who are the important people in your life and what makes these relationships so special to you?

How do you let the people who mean the most to you know how much you value them?

Which relationships have not been where you would like them to be in 2022 and why is that?

Moving forward which relationships do you chose to focus on and how will you nurture these relationships?

Whilst we're on the topic of relationships, there is one particularly key one when it comes to self-care - the relationship you have with YOU! If you tend to put the needs of others before yourself and find yourself getting exhausted or at risk of burn-out because there's never time or energy left for you to focus on you, it's a sure sign you need to work on your relationship with yourself. A great place to start is by giving yourself permission to prioritise taking care of your needs - you absolutely deserve it. And by doing so, you'll ensure you always have the energy to look after others too.

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