The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit for Festive Fun & Wellbeing: Renovate

I hope you've enjoyed learning about and building The Ultimate Self-Care Tool Kit throughout the festive period. There's just one remaining R to implement and this one is a biggy.... RENOVATE is our final R and it really is worth investing some time on because it's truly all about creating your FIRST CLASS LIFE.

Put your hand up if life's busyness often sweeps you along and you end up making do with things in your life (because it's the easiest option and convenient), so that not only do these things give you zero pleasure, maybe you'd even go as far as saying some of these things detract from your heath, happiness and wellbeing?

I'm talking about every day items and activities. Such as putting up with the colour of the walls in your home that you never liked, cooking the same meals every week that you're bored of, even wearing old socks and undies. You're going through the motions of work and life without being present and engaged with the things that could and should bring a sense of abundance and uplift. Ultimately we're talking aligning every aspect of your world so that it brings you passion, purpose, pleasure or positivity in some way.

There are three key steps I'm going to recommend.

1) Do an audit... think about all the areas of your life and decide which are already first class and which could do with a renovation and an upgrade. You might like to follow the wheel of life to guide you. An example would include: House & Home; Hobbies & Interests; Personal Development / Spiritual; Friends & Family; Finances; Career; Health & Wellbeing; Significant Other / Romance.

2) Make a plan... you can't tackle all of these areas at once so prioritise and schedule time throughout 2022. Decluttering, creating visions of success and even exploring what first class looks like will be a journey so take your time and enjoy it.

3) Give yourself permission.... you might think you want to live your first class life but until you give yourself permission to go on the journey it's quite possible there will always be something blocking your way. You may find your have limiting beliefs to unpack and real life obstacles to overcome. Keep giving yourself permission to overcome these!

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