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Wellbeing for Business

Coaching Programs

Team Wellbeing – Group Coaching 

Many teams are operating in difficult circumstances since the pandemic. Without the regular face to face interactions and socialising that used to happen in the office, team performance and wellbeing can start to become strained. Coaching is a really constructive way to boost team morale, create alignment and improve communication.

Employee Wellbeing – 121 Coaching 

121 coaching is a powerful way to support individuals in your business who are experiencing high levels of stress or other health conditions. I help your employees feel equipped to cope with their work load and build their confidence to recharge.  


Leadership Wellbeing – 121 or Group Coaching 

Leaders are often under tremendous pressure and it can be a huge challenge for them to maintain their own performance and wellbeing, as well as ensuring their teams are also at optimum. 121 or group leader coaching sessions can help to maintain and improve performance. 

Wellbeing Calendar 

12 workshops, run one per month aligning to World Health Days / Months. These sessions are designed to raise awareness and give participants all the tools and knowledge they need to stay healthy and well. 

Wellbeing Strategy

Design, develop and implement a workplace wellbeing strategy that embeds wellbeing on a cultural level and maximises return on your investment, as opposed to running ad hoc initiatives that often fail to have the full desired impact

Resilience & Wellbeing 

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely been a test of resilience for workforces around the world. But we shouldn’t take resilience for granted – it’s not always possible to simply bounce back. The good news is, the more you can support your employees, the more you can boost resilience. In this workshop series we explore holistic wellbeing tools and strategies that enable participants to build their very own practical action plan. 

Leadership Wellbeing

In this interactive workshop series leaders develop a clear understanding of what organisational wellbeing means and why it’s so important from both a Duty of Care and ROI perspective. Participants build their own wellbeing strategy and toolkit as well as learn how to have coaching conversations to support each other and the members of their teams. If you’re looking to embed wellbeing within your culture this workshop series is a great place to start.

Wellbeing Workshops 

Supporting HR

Most organisations have been relying on their HR team hugely of late. But whilst HR supports everyone who is supporting HR? This series is focused on helping HR professionals. Building their own self-care kit and ensuring they have what they need to feel fully equipped to support their employees. 


Immune Boosters for a Healthy Workforce 

It’s easy to feel run down at times throughout the year, and with the added concern of COVID-19 there’s never been a more crucial time than now to equip your workforce with all the skills and knowledge they need to boost their immune systems. When employees have strong immune systems and are in optimum health they are less likely to get sick and more likely to recover quickly when ill, therefore reducing sick leave, presenteeism and the related costs to your organisation. 

Achieiving Optimum Performance and Wellbeing

In this coaching series we look at how to improve this through:

  • nutrition

  • sleep

  • mindfulness

  • recreation

  • positive psychology


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The program was well designed and addressed the needs of the company as opposed to fitting into a training plan. The sessions were expertly facilitated, and Kate's passion for coaching and developing people allowed everyone to contribute and build their confidence.

Would gladly recommend Kate.


John Paul De Beer – Managing Director,

Expo Technology – Surrey

My Clients

Kate has a fantastic way about her, calm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of coaching, personal development, well-being & nutrition. She leads group sessions with confidence and flow whilst engaging all attendees in the room. She is equally as effective during 1 to 1 sessions and I’ve seen her have positive impact with all staff groups within the business from Senior Managers to Apprentices. Being goal orientated, she zooms in on what you want to achieve and without being over imposing (and like all good coaches), helps you find the answers and solutions through thought provoking questions.

Rob Bryan – Managing Director, RIG Healthcare – London   

Kate knows staff development and personal fulfillment through and through. She loves people and life, and together with her professional skills, this makes her an ideal person to assist with developing the best in people and helping them realise  their dreams. Her positivity, endless determination and energy, and healthy balanced approach to life shines through in all she does.

Bronwyn Shead - Australia