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Women choosing to have careers and families is hardly a new thing. So after decades of juggling the two, how have we not nailed it? Why are so many women still feeling exhausted, stretched to the limit and emotionally drained so much of the time?


We're in a mission to support and equip mums so they no longer feel frantic and overloaded to the point of burnout whilst juggling work and family life. 


As a mum, imagine you no longer felt like you were stuck on an endless conveyor belt of chaos and to do lists.  Instead imagine feeling balanced throughout the week, recharged from time for you and equipped for the challenges of working mum life.


As a business / HR leader, imagine retaining and developing all the amazing, talented women that you run the risk of losing if they become overstretched mums.

Nourish, Flourish & Thrive Community

Come join our members' community for busy mums.

If you’re a working mum who often feels overwhelmed, why not join our community for support, resources and inspiration to help you press pause and put your wellbeing first?

Nourish Flourish & Thrive is more than a network...

Yes, you’ll connect with like-minded mums who completely understand the challenges of spinning many plates in every given day. Yes, you’ll feel supported and inspired by connecting with a community of amazing mums. Yet Nourish Flourish & Thrive also offers you a diverse online library of holistic coaching and wellbeing resources; everything from quick and healthy recipes and book recommendations to self-care courses and challenges that are easy to follow in bite sized steps. Perhaps the most important part is the regular gentle nudges to help you remember to press pause and take care of you.

You’ll have access to our online platform and community 24/7, as well as the opportunity to join our live coaching workshops every fortnight, where we come together and dive into hot topics that give you the ultimate wellbeing boost.

If you’re ready to ditch the stress and overwhelm of working mum life and finally feel equipped, supported and confident that you’ve got this, come join our community.

You can sample Nourish Flourish & Thrive for a 7-day free trial. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to finally start putting you first – what better incentive could there be to invest some time and energy into you?

Ready for your free trial?

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