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Changing Seasons

I really love autumn yet this year feels a little different. Perhaps the unsettled British weather over the summer months, or simply so much going on in the world, that also feels unsettling, has made me more reflective than ever (and maybe even a little resistant to letting summer go this time).

When I'm in a deeply contemplative sort of mood (which I admit, happens a lot these days), I find connecting with nature by taking long walks and really noticing the change of colours and foliage really helps. Nature is a great reminder that change and transition is all part of life. My journal comes out a lot over the equinoxes and solstices too - it feels good to empty all my thoughts and feelings into words on a page, helping to make sense of some things, letting go of others and getting clarity on what the next chapter holds.

There are a couple of other activities that have really helped me embrace autumn this year. Packing away all my summer gear and getting my winter woolies out has helped me feel more organised. I had a clear out of footwear (saying goodbye to some old faves that are just looking too tired now), and polished the other pairs of boots that I know will enjoy wearing over the coming months. These sort of rituals really help to create a sense of decluttering and letting go, as well as building joy with the anticipation of what is to come.

The final practice is perhaps the most significant for me because I'm such a foody - getting creative in the kitchen with seasonal recipes. I picked all the apples from our two trees and went foraging for blackberries to make a lovely sugar-free crumble. I've cooked roast dinners and then made bone broths and chicken and veggie soup with the left overs. Next up slow cooked stews and curries - delicious, hearty and comforting!

If you've not felt fully ready to let summer go, or perhaps you've barely had the chance to notice that autumn is here, maybe it's time to press pause and take a moment to reflect on what the new season means for you and your energy. What is it that you can build into your self-care routine to fully embrace the changes and protect your energy along the way?

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