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15 Mindful Minutes

When it comes to slowing down to rest and recharge one of the easiest and most beneficial techniques we can learn to use is mindfulness. For many years, I thought meditating was just too difficult – in fact, I found sitting still in silence trying to empty my mind really stressful rather than restful!

I know a lot of people feel the same way. So, I was really inspired when I discovered that mindfulness doesn’t have to be done sitting in silence – you can integrate your mindfulness practice into your daily routine and still get all the benefits.

Being mindful is simply committing to being present, noticing what’s going on for you in that moment (connecting with both your mind and body), and accepting whatever is going on, without judgement. Of course, you can sit and meditate to do that, but likewise you can be present and mindful when you go about your daily routine.

Many argue the most important time of day for mindfulness is first thing, as a way to set your day up. Check out my tips here MORNING MINDFULNESS.

I’m a big fan of being mindful when I’m out walking and I always try to find a quiet spot where I can connect with nature.

If like me you struggle to switch off at bedtime, you might find mindfulness helps you to unwind and destress in the evening. You can build in gratitude and visualise letting go of your day as a way to release tensions and stresses. EVENING MINDFULNESS.

There are so many other times when mindfulness can be incredibly useful to help you press pause, regulate your emotions and stop the stress levels from building. The list below and my final video highlight some examples MINDFULNESS THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY:

  • First wake up, whilst still in bed, taking a few minutes to check in before you get up and start your day

  • Take a shower, noticing how the water feels on your skin

  • Make a cup of tea or coffee as part of your morning routine

  • Eat your meals, savouring the smell, taste and textures

  • Between tasks, acknowledging your stress levels and releasing tension when it’s building

  • Preparing for a meeting

  • As you exercise, focusing on your breath, or parts of your body as you use them

  • Play with your children or converse with a friend, capturing positive emotions and feeling grateful

  • Spend time in nature, observing the colours and seasons changing, restoring from the calm

  • Unwind in the evening, imagining yourself releasing and letting go of tensions and stresses from your day

I hope this has helped you feel inspired and equipped to give your mindfulness practice a go – I look forward to hearing about your experiences of when you find it most useful.

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