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Nine Common Challenges that Working Mums Experience

As a working mum I know first hand how tough it can be to juggle everything. I can’t claim to have found a miracle cure for "busy-mum-stress" but with the right tools, strategies and support in place, us mums can feel equipped to deal with whatever work and life throws at us. We might not always feel a million bucks but we can feel resilient and capable. We can find balance and happiness. We can navigate life, even in the crazy-busy weeks, without falling in a heap or risking our health along the way.

The sad reality is that too many mums are experiencing one or more of these nine common challenges all too often:

  1. Overwhelm from a never ending to do list

  2. Guilt that they can’t maintain “the” standards, making it seem impossible to put themselves before others

  3. Insomnia, unable to unwind adequately to switch off and relax enough to get a decent night's sleep

  4. Time poor making it seem impossible to be present and enjoy life

  5. Unable to put boundaries in place to protect what’s most important

  6. Balance and harmony is a dream that has become impossible to make reality

  7. Stuck in a hormone haze

  8. Powerlessness, losing self-confidence, feeling stuck and unable to make change

  9. Longing for self-care but never quite finding the time, energy or tools to make it happen

It doesn’t matter how many kids you’ve got, how many hours you work, or which sector, level of work or even country you’re in. Working mums all around the globe are struggling.

So many women have been conditioned to think they need to take everything on and never ask for help (or delegate without apologising) along the way. Too many women have been programmed to aim for perfection, when maintaining the highest of standards all the time is neither realistic nor necessary. Perhaps most alarmingly, women are prone to prioritising everyone else’s needs before their own, which means self-care is at the bottom of their list and therefore rarely happens.

This is totally bonkers!!

It’s not sustainable, it’s not healthy and the sad reality is, eventually everyone suffers because when you fall in a heap of exhaustion, no one wins. And even if it doesn’t get to that, are you really OK about “surviving life” as opposed to truly living life with passion and purpose?

We probably all recognise there is a better way, but actually pressing pause and taking a step back from the chaos can often feel a lot easier said than done. Which is why I've made it my mission to help busy mums all over the globe, ditch their busyness crisis and instead create balance and joy with The Self-Care Accelerator for Busy Mums

If you’re fed up with the guilt, stress and overwhelm taking up too much of your precious time and energy, you might find these journaling prompts handy:

  • In six months from now, what could life look like if, right now, you were to give yourself permission to put yourself first?

  • What is truly stopping you from living your first class from today?

  • What is it that you belief about your career / family / life and are these beliefs truly yours or simply messages you've picked up along the way, that hold no truth or value to you? What does this reveal to you?

  • What is it that you truly value about work / career, family, life and self-care, and where do you need to put boundaries in place for your values and needs to be met?

  • What's the first step you're ready to take?

Not sure how to get started? Feel free to book a complimentary discovery call for some tips and ideas to help you move forward.

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